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Keep up to date with Colt during training camp as he provides his fans with "Brennan Beats". Similar to to "Tweets" on Twitter, Colt will tell his fans what's on his mind... check back frequently.

What’s up everyone? I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to update you the last few days. We have kind of come to the end of training camp and are getting into game mode. We’ve pushed through some two-a-day practices lately and have installed our game plan for Baltimore. Things will be flying tomorrow, everyone knows how good Baltimore is and there are some big expectations for us. I’m getting ready and trying to get comfortable; it’s crazy what a difference a year makes. The one thing that I know is no matter what I did in the preseason last year or this year in training camp, it all starts over for me tomorrow night - Game on!!
5:09 PM EST on August 12, 2009

Today was a long day, we had two practices and the second one was HOT! I watched the scrimmage on film today and I did some good things. At first I was frustrated, but seeing myself go against our number one defense, it was pretty cool. I’m not sitting here watching my two former teammates, WR C.J. Hawthorne and CB Ryan Mouton, play against each other in the Hall of Fame game; it’s pretty sweet. Hopefully they’ll both do well. It’s crazy to think that I was in their place a year ago. I’m getting excited for the season, C.J. and Ryan best wishes! We have a big morning practice tomorrow and we have the afternoon off until 6:45 p.m. for meetings.
10:19 PM EST on August 9, 2009

What’s up everyone? Well, we had a light scrimmage today and it was packed with fans; I was excited. I got a chance to start with the 2’s today and went up against our starting defense, which was quite a test. But, I’m glad I got that experience. I led my unit on two drives and made some nice throws here and there. I had one bad play where I fumbled the ball real quick while dropping back, but they blew the play dead. We drove the ball downfield, but both of the drives were stalled. We came close to converting both 3rd down opportunities, but came up short. It was a quick and sweet experience, but at least I got a look against a top NFL defense less than a week before we strap it up against Baltimore. It’s time to start game planning, a four-week test that leaves me with a ton of possibilities. I’m excited and looking forward to getting back on the practice field already!
7:12 PM EST on August 8, 2009

Well today was nice; a day to rest up and rejuvenate. We had two, two a day practices the past two days; it’s kind of considered the hump for training camp. We have a big scrimmage tomorrow and it’s fan appreciation day; it’s going to be crazy! Last year, we had well over 20,000 people there. After tomorrow we start the preseason and begin to prepare for Baltimore. It’s going to be a crazy four weeks for me; I can’t wait to play football again. I’m just hoping for a good scrimmage to carry momentum into the next week. I’ve been stepping it up lately and have been progressing well. I’m looking forward to live action and a BIG crowd tomorrow!
3:34 PM EST on August 7, 2009

Finally, good day!!! We ran a redzone offense and I made some good plays this morning. In 7 on 7, I hit Santana [Moss] on a go route down the sideline; it felt good, especially in front of a few thousand fans. It’s so funny from a player’s perspective to see the fans react to plays at practice. That's one aspect about playing in the league that's so much fun.
12:26 PM EST on August 5, 2009

We had practice this morning for over two hours again. We practiced some situations: short yardage and goal line; I was able to get some live reps. I wasn’t feeling well last night and I woke up with a sore throat. I knew I wanted to practice and for some reason when I’m slightly sick I seem to play well. It’s weird, but true; so even though I didn’t feel great, I threw the ball well today. The reps were divided up again today and I tried to make the best of them. We have tonight off so guys are excited about that. Chase [Daniel] and I are going to get a good dinner tonight; Todd [Collins] said he wanted to go too. We have an early practice tomorrow, but it will be nice to get a night off with no meetings.
3:12 PM EST on August 4, 2009

Sunday turned out to be the longest day so far; two full practices and the weather didn’t help. But it didn’t stop the fans from turning out and it didn’t stop us from going hard. I’ve been progressing well, and I feel like I’m gaining the coaches confidence a little more each day. We had the morning to sleep in a little today, but we had a long lifting session later in the morning. We have a light practice this afternoon and then another big practice tomorrow morning. We have tomorrow night off, so everyone is looking forward to that! It sucks that I missed Entourage last night; at least I have my DVR. Chris Cooley and I got the team pumped yesterday in the locker room to the sounds of Andy Samberg and T-Pains’ “I’m on a Boat”, pretty funny!
1:28 PM EST on August 3, 2009

Today was our first day in pads and there was a big crowd that turned out to watch us. It was a lot of fun today, but tough. I have a ton of respect for our receivers after days like today. We had a two hour and 20 minute practice and we ran a lot of plays. The defense really showed up today as well; they made some great plays. I had some good plays and I also missed a few as well. I saw some people from Hawaii today, which is always a lot of fun; they showed me a lot of love at practice. We have special teams practice this afternoon. I’m heading into lift now and then watch film. I’m excited to watch some film and interested to see the plays I missed today. I had a chance for a great day and missed it; thank God we aren’t short on practices! Director Peter Berg made an appearance today; no doubt, he’s a real cool guy. I’m already excited about tomorrow.
3:49 PM EST on August 1, 2009

The weathermen were right; practice was cancelled due to the rain. I had a chance to see Peter Berg (Director of Hancock and Friday Night Lights) and his son today. I met them at Matt Leinart’s camp this summer. They were there hoping to watch the afternoon practice, cool guy! With no practice, we caught up on film work. After a long meeting we had a chance to eat dinner and will be back in meetings tonight at 7:30 p.m. EST. Tomorrow is our first practice in pads, looking forward to feeling fresh.
6:32 PM EST on July 31, 2009
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